Wednesday, November 18, 2015

HOW TECHNOLOGY AFFECTS US (PART 1)  Phones, television, social media and video games…over the next three weeks we will be looking at various aspects of how technology affects us in our everyday life.

Technology and your body – whether caused by tapping out texts or typing away at a computer, tendinitis and carpal tunnel syndrome can lead to pain and numbness in your hands.  According to the Neuro and Spine Surgery journal, when you tilt your head 60 degrees to read your smartphone, you’re adding an additional 60 pounds of pressure to your neck!

Additionally, according to USA Today, almost 70% of Americans say they have experienced some symptoms of digital eyestrain, including blurry vision or headaches. Several studies have also shown cell phones carry thousands of bacteria, potentially spreading common infections.

Solution? – to protect yourself from germs wipe down your phone and other touchscreen devices with a disinfecting wipe on a regular basis. Take frequent breaks when using technology, including smartphones, computer, tablets, TVs and video games. To soothe and loosen those muscles in your upper back, neck, shoulder and arms, call your local day spa and book a massage appointment. Tell the therapist exactly what’s going on and they will be able to work everything out for you.  Be aware of what’s happening to your body – don’t let technology get the better of you!