Thursday, December 3, 2015

HOW TECHNOLOGY AFFECTS US (PART 2) Continuing on our series of looking at various aspects of how technology affects us in our everyday life.

Technology and your mind – in a study from the University of Michigan, the more college-aged adults used Facebook, the worse they felt!,,,social media use led to a decline in happiness and overall life satisfaction. 

Another study from the University of Oregon found that heavy media multitaskers had difficulty switching between tasks and were more likely to become distracted while working.  This can result in numerous errors causing more time to be wasted having to go back over tasks to make corrections.

Solution? – try to find ways to build relationships, do work and spend time offline.  Consider taking a break from your social media accounts for a short length of time or at least dedicating one day a week as web-free! To also help clear your mind; call a friend to chat, go for a walk, have a bite to eat, or perhaps make an appointment with them at your local day spa for a massage, sauna, manicure, pedicure or facial – your body and most important – your mind – will thank you for it!